Folital is a 100% natural blend that can target the real cause of hair loss and help your hair follicle to generate new healthy hair.

Its carefully selected ingredients can help you nourish your scalp and boost your hair growth, while helping keep your immune system strong.

Through its unique blend of ingredients, Folital can help you:

Nourish your body with enough essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen every hair follicle you have.

Help you flush out Thallium particles and other heavy toxins.

Help your hair and scalp to adapt to stressors like everyday pollution and enhance hair growth by nourishing the root of the hair follicle.

Key ingredients, such as Bentonite Clay, can condition your scalp as well as stimulate growth of fuller, thicker, and healthier hair.

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Folital Ingredients

In order to help you nourish your scalp and boost your hair growth, the Folital manufacturing specialists advise they had to carefully select a blend of 29 powerful ingredients, to name a few:

Vitamin B1, B2 and B6, together with biotin can help create an immune shield for your body and clean your bloodstream out of heavy metals and strengthen your white cells, so that your body can start sending more blood to your hair follicles.

Psyllium Huskalso known as wonder herb, has been used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine which is believed to help your hair and scalp to adapt to stressors like everyday pollution and enhance hair growth by nourishing the root of the hair follicle. 

Bentonite Clay is believed to have a rich history of being a treatment for various hair conditions back to the early days of the Egyptian and Greek civilization. Bentonite Clay can help condition the scalp as well as nourish and strengthen the hair follicles, stimulating the growth of fuller, thicker, and healthier hair strands.

Flaxseed, according to Folital Manufacturer, is known for helping with mood boosting properties and also minimizing hair loss by keeping anxiety and stress at bay. 

Folital is a 100% natural, non-invasive formula, that can help target the real cause of your hair loss, and support your follicles to produce more healthy hairs.

And the list goes on for other incredible ingredients, all combined in the right quantities to help & support your hair growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Folital claims to have identified 26 powerful natural ingredients that together can help flush out the heavy metals from your bloodstream and help your body to better recover, including your hair. 

Which means that if you suffer from thinning or receding hair, it can support your hair regrowth in a natural way.

Folital Manufacturer advises it was created for people of all ages and no side effects have been observed on people using it. It’s a 100% natural, doesn’t contain any stimulants and is non-addicting.

Folital was produced using only high quality ingredients that can help target hair cells growth in a gentle and natural way, so you would not feel the tiniest discomfort. Folital does not require any restrictive diets and does not interfere with other supplements you may take.

Now, as always, if you suffer from allergies or other certain medical conditions, Flexotone advises that you consult with your doctor first. 

Folital claims it was designed to work for both men and women who want to rescue their damaged follicles, while promoting thicker, fuller looking hair, and have been dealing with both early or severe stages of hair loss.

Folital advises it has zero side effects and it doesn’t interfere with any medication or diet.

The manufacturer advises that the moment you begin taking Folital is when the process begins, and once your body assimilates all the nutrients it needs, you should start seeing results. Also it’s always recommended that you maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking Folital to enjoy its long term benefits.

Folital offers this risk free 60-day money back guarantee for every bottle of Folital you buy.

You have two full months to enjoy the benefits of this formula and, if for any reason, you decide Folital is not for you, you can return what you haven’t used in full, for an immediate no questions asked refund.

Once you’ve selected one of the packages above and clicked the buy button, you’ll be taken to Folital’s secure checkout page.

There you’ll complete the quick form to place your order.

Folital will then start preparing your package and ship it to your door in a safe and discreet manner.

The entire process is very simple and takes less than a minute.

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